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Wlbankowski 20 days ago

Avocado Toast

Great small breakfast! Perfectly done and very delicious. And great coffee to boot! This is a comfortable place to visit.

921xyz 28 days ago

The Greens


Janer110 about 2 months ago

Island Artichoke

Stopped in to Rock Island Coffee for a beverage, not realizing they had food as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few vegetarian options. The Island Artichoke was hit the spot. A good balance of flavors and the bread was crusty and fresh. Will definitely visit again and have another Island Artichoke.

Llamb58 2 months ago

Tuna Melt

Had the Tuna Melt for the first time yesterday. Very good. I'll get this one again.

Heatherbgood 2 months ago

Coupeville Club

The BEST sandwich on the island! First tasted in Coupeville and happy to be able to get it in OH. Always a special treat!

Hjohnson13 3 months ago

Coupeville Club

I have been a customer since the day they opened and have been back weekly (at least) since! The coupeville club is a favorite of both my husband and I, but we have tried many things on the menu and have never been disappointed! Everything from the breakfast sandwiches, coffees, smoothies, sandwiches, and pizza boards have all been wonderful! Highly recommend!

Jmh 3 months ago

Baker's Quiche

Growing up my mom used to make us Quiche for breakfast on Sundays after church. It's always been a food that brings me back to my childhood, which to date is where you can find the majority of my happiest memories, so you can imagine my smile when my wife and I stop here for breakfast. A cold brew and one slice of quiche inside a cozy place with the woman I love is all I need to remind me what's most important in life. So until they run out of quiche for good they can expect to see me!

Llamb58 4 months ago

Avocado Toast

Very good and filling.

Llamb58 4 months ago

Garlic Fries

Great garlic fries! Had mine with Ranch.

Llamb58 4 months ago

Chicken Caesar

Love this wrap. Very filling.

Rrestrepo91 4 months ago

Avocado Toast

The avocado toast is simple and delicious. It's a great healthy lunch or breakfast! Highly recommend.

Jade 5 months ago

Coupeville Club

My coworker and I both order this sandwich at LEAST once a week for lunch! The balance between meat and other ingredients is great; they load these sammie's UP!

Agardner00814 5 months ago

Farmer's Market Veggie

Absolutely impressed with the quality of food seeing how it is a coffee shop. My husband and I are regulars because we love ALL the options. The menu is rather large, we have had about 10 different meals and they have all literally been hands down amazing! Fresh, HOT, and filling.

Toniajohnston 6 months ago

Coupeville Club

This is my favorite sandwich in the island!!! The homemade bread gets crispy on the edges while the cheese gets melts in the middle! Oh so good!

Greer 6 months ago

Turkey Garlic Aioli

Had this sandwich as a panini and it was great. The garlic aioli ie perfect!

Sunpup03 6 months ago

Tuna Melt

The Tuna Melt is my go to at Rock Island. It's delicious comfort food elevated! Big chunks of tuna, onions, creamy, cheesey... yum!

Cindyarklin 7 months ago

Avocado Toast

I have their salads, sandwiches, wraps, beer....such a great place to hang out ! Great music nights too.

Alyfry5 21 days ago

Skillet Mac N Cheese

This place deserves the city restaurant award or something similar! If visiting Oak Harbor stop by and get a drink and a bite to eat! Recommend both eating and drinking! My favorite part is sitting in the couch chairs next to the portable fire place and chatting with a cup of coffee! This place is a good date, amazing cup of joe, the best lotus energy tea (Sam's way), and the best place to read or do some studying while on Whidbey Island! The skillet Mac n cheese... AMAZING!

Kswitanek about 1 month ago

Island Artichoke

The Island Artichoke is the best vegetarian panini! I order it at both Rock Island Coffee and Sunshine Drip cafe and it's one of a kind!

Keriwade about 2 months ago

Sausage or Ham English Muffin

Rock Island has the best breakfast sandwiches in town. I love the sausage sandwich with pepper jack cheese and mayo and spicy sauce.

Nikiestrada97 2 months ago

Sausage or Ham English Muffin

I love this place and it is always a go to when I what a quick, filling breakfast on the go. I always go for the sausage English muffin with the spicy mayo, it's delicious! Feels home cooked every time. Thank you for feeding me!!

Alexiis 3 months ago

Artichoke Dip

delicious!! cheesy and delicious. Loved the bread and tortilla for dipping. YUM.

Blair 3 months ago

Coupeville Club

Love this place. The food is amazing, the staff is always courteous and friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. The Coupeville club is my favorite sandwich so far......Turkey, cheese, avacado, tomato, bacon and a touch of pesto Sauce on toasty bread. It's a plate of heaven, but I haven't had anything yet at this place that I didn't like. It's all great!

Hwang 4 months ago

Grown Up's Grilled Cheese

Added some crispy bacon to this and and it was absolutely delicious! Yummy rustic sourdough with so many cheeses made this absolutely decadent. So much better than the grilled cheese of my youth! Also had a pumpkin scone that I saved for the next day and it was also SO GOOD! I'll be back for more. ☺️

Linsonzoey11 4 months ago

Immune Boost

This was the best smoothie I've ever had!! Tasted so yummy and fresh 😍

Llamb58 4 months ago

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Good wrap. I bit spicy for me. My husband loved it though.

Nkohn2 4 months ago

Avocado Toast

You honestly just can't go wrong. I will be back for many many more. I visit here often. I love coffee and islands and you guys rock... hah... get it... nvm. Stay great.

Jade 5 months ago

Fruits & Greens Salad

Okay I have to leave another review for this salad because it's FREAKING DELICIOUS! They use the freshest ingredients, and not once have I been disappointed in the Fruits & Greens salad!! Want to send your tastebuds on a ride?!? Get it with the Raspberry Vinegarette! 🤤

Mongelmno 5 months ago

Farmer's Market Veggie

Always impressed by the quality of food and customer service. I love how convenient their online order feature is. I don't get much time for lunch, so I appreciate that I can order ahead and its always waiting for me when it says it will be. Pizza boards are my favorite, although I do enjoy just about everything on the menu ( yes i have ordered just about everything on the menu)

Toniajohnston 6 months ago

Turkey Pesto

Our knitting group meets here so that we can enjoy all the wonderful menu options! The sandwiches are out of this world!

Djohnson5066 6 months ago


OMG! The Grinder has been the Best sandwich I have had in a long time. Warm and filled with a delicious variety of meat and perfect amount of veggies. Not over sauced either so the bread didn't get soggy. Well made and a new favorite. Bravo Rock Island Coffee cafe.

Greer 6 months ago

Garlic Fries

I could eat these garlic fries any day! Perfect amount of garlic and parmesan on these fries!

Ambergrymes88 6 months ago

Turkey Pesto

I love coming here! Anyone a friends fan? This shop totally reminds me of Central Perk. My husband and I love to come here for quick day dates. Not only is it cozy with great decor, but because the food and coffee is Ah-mazing. We love to split the Turkey Pesto sandwich. Their portions are so generous, one sandwich is plenty! Really recommend this place!


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